2024 Announcements:

Summer Camp Session #6 still has available slots. Waitlist is open for sold-out sessions #2-#5. More Survival Aquatics slots have been added! When you add a second swim offering, the Captyn system will reduce price at checkout. Please email swimacademy@swimfun.com if you have any questions.

Camps & After-School Enrichment

Our Programs are STEM-Centric & fully accredited

 2024 Spring After-School Programs & Summer Camp Registration

Summer Camps & After School Programs

We are passionate about combining the elements of Swimming, Science & Technology with educational growth and social interaction. Far too many summer camps and after school programs over promise and under deliver when it comes to actual learning and development. Valuable learning opportunities include exposure to building and engineering. Our programs are both impactful and fully accredited, so you can be comfortable your child is learning with impact and intention.

Swim + SwimBuddy + STEM =

Happy Kids & Parents!

Combining what kids & parents want

STEM-Centric programs that integrate with popular games such as Minecraft and Roblox that elevate kids’ minds

H₂O focused & Sea Life conscious

Philanthropic activities around our Ocean & the Save the Sea Turtle Foundation

Virtual Reality visits around the world

Powered by Google Expeditions and with the use of our Best-in-Class Virtual Reality platform, your kids will visit places from the Great Barrier Reef to Antarctica to the Nile River

STEM Adventures with Friends!

SwimFun STEM Minecraft Adventures

Within our Minecraft Adventures program, kids explore Minecraft game design concepts by creating their own levels, maps, structures, and design them for others to explore. Exposure to building, coding & engineering all the while socializing with their buddies!

SwimFUN STEM Roblox Adventures

Within our Roblox Adventures program, kids design and create their own 3D worlds. Choosing from a variety of different templates, kids select their type of world & customize their environment. Exposure to building, coding & engineering all the while socializing with their buddies!