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Born in St. Johns County on Florida’s First Coast

America’s Modernized Swim Academy

At SwimFun Academy & Survival Aquatics, we have revolutionized the Swim School concept to deliver what children and parents need in today’s water-packed environment. We have created a fundamental learning flow and process: Survival Aquatics > SwimBridge Program > Swim Academy. Our technique driven programs are paired with a character building mantra that teaches our SwimFun Kids life-skills in and out of the pool. We also merge accredited Stem-Centric education with our Swim offerings to deliver best-in-class Summer Camps and all-year-round After-School programs.

From our fully loaded Gaming Arena to SwimFun Scuba School to water-based Ninja Obstacle courses, our wide array of programs deliver fun, excitement and learning for our SwimFun members and families.

Swim School – Reimagined!

See why SwimFun is the ultimate destination for kids:

Swim Academy

Our Swim Academy offers a range of swim programs with level-appropriate lessons to maximize our SwimFun Kids opportunities to PROGRESS. We track your child’s progress every time they swim with us, so you’ll see new skills gained at every lesson. We’ve pioneered a Swim Bridge program for those little ones who completed Survival Swimming to ensure the most beneficial streamline into our SwimFun Academy – filling a huge gap for those babies and parents.

Survival Aquatics

We’ve modernized Survival Aquatics for infants, toddlers, and children. The skills acquired in our program will prepare your child to be able to survive in the event he/she falls into the water. By teaching them the proper technique, your child will successfully learn how to rotate on to their back, get their breath, and float until rescued. Our new model Bridge Program transitions kids from Survival Aquatics to Swim Academy with ease and confidence. At SwimFun Academy & Survival Aquatics, we are committed to your child’s progression.

Character Building

Parents love us not only for our Swim Skill instruction, but how we develop our SwimFun kids’ character, integrity and protective instincts through our SwimBuddy 360 program – making water a safer place for both kids and parents.

Much more than our Swim Pillars


Stem-Centric learning platforms, in full virtual reality, with an accredited K-8 school partner in a dedicated STEM Pod


Gaming Arena, Gaming League, Summer Camps, After School Programs, Birthday & Team Parties