Important Upcoming Dates:

Independence Day Closure:  We will be closed the week of 4th of July. There will be no lessons or programs from Saturday, July 1 – Saturday, July 8. We will resume Monday, July 10th. Contact for questions.


SwimFun in YOUR Market With Exclusive Rights

Value-Centric & Multi-Channel Revenue

Average Total Cost of SwimFun buildout is $500K vs Over $4Million for other Swim Franchises

SwimFun has 20+ Revenue Streams vs other Swim Franchises having 2-3

Purposeful use of very little real estate vs the need for high sq ft requirements

Proprietary Engineered Pool that can be removed vs Forever in-ground pools that require major investment & hold owners hostage

SBA Lenders are intrigued by SwimFun’s unique concept & value proposition

We grant territory exclusivity!

Safety First.

Life-Saving skills. Proper technique. Character building mantra w/ SwimBuddy 360…

Fun Always.

Destination environment. Smiles & Encouragement. Buddies, Pals and Friends forever…

Progress Promised.

Progression belief. Program development. Sought after year-round membership.

Why invest in a SwimFun Academy & Survival Aquatics Business?

Lenders love our model!

Settle. Spin. Swim. Survive.™


Swimming is an Essential Life Skill, $3Billion Industry


Amazon-proof, Parents will always invest in their children


Unique Brand & Concept; Progression Model that uniquely combines Survival, Bridge and Academy


The “Anti-Big Swim School”; a disruptive concept built for the long haul


The nation’s first competitive eGaming League specifically geared to children under the age of 13