Our Story

and motto…

The “Why” behind SwimFun

We felt there was a major need to redefine the swim school experience for kids and parents. The reason? The CDC has documented the leading cause of death in children aged 1-9 is drowning. We took a holistic view of the Swim Instruction landscape and noticed problems such as A.) “Swim Schools with Big Pools” that focus on member volume and churn. B.) Very antiquated & “rough around the edges” infant swim survival classes that can be tough on babies & that are operated in unregulated pools. C.) Very little value put on swim progression. D.) Lack of a “destination” environment where kids don’t participate in year-round swimming. And E.) That swimming is supposed to be fun. Thus, our motto…

Safety First.

Life-Saving skills. Proper technique. Character building mantra w/ SwimBuddy 360…

Fun Always.

Destination environment. Smiles & Encouragement. Buddies, Pals and Friends forever…

Progress Promised.

Progression belief. Program development. Sought after year-round membership.

Survival Aquatics

Settle. Spin. Swim. Survive.™

Redefining how your baby or toddler learns to survive if they fall into a pool


Custom and tailored program for Babies 6months-2years


Custom and tailored program for Toddlers


Custom and tailored survival programs for little kids who are new to swimming


First-in-Class SwimFun Bridge program that focuses on progression and muscle memory while preparing your little one for SwimFun Academy